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Moleskine (Mini) Planners

December 10, 2010

Moleskine (Mini) Planners stop motion videos by Dutch graphic and audiovisual designer Rogier Wieland for legendary notebook company Moleskine.

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The LightLine of Gotham

November 1, 2010

The LightLine of Gotham – Stunning 3D projections (a.k.a. architectural mapping) by London based interactive arts and technology collective seeper. Projected on Frank Gehry’s IAC Building in Manhatten during Vimeo Festival + Awards, October 2010.

Evan Grant, founder of seeper about their performances:



October 27, 2010

Marbelous maple dining table by young Dutch design duo Ontwerpduo. A marble track in a table – a “new type of functional woodcarving, that invites you to play”.

Photos by Lisa Klappe.

Tilt-shift time-lapse videos

October 6, 2010

Tilt-shift time-lapse video finds from Vimeo.

(Click title to watch them on Vimeo in a bigger size/resolution.)

“The Sandpit” by user Sam O’Hare.

“Zirkus Knie Timelapse tilt shift” by user

“San Francisco: The Miniature City” by user MINIMUS.


September 28, 2010

life.turns. is an animated film project by photo sharing service blipfoto and thousands of photographers around the world. The film is based around eight simple figures of human walking. The uploaded images were checked, sorted and assembled into a sequence. The result is an unique film, made collectively by thousands of individuals.

Music: “Turn” by Travis

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Little Red Riding Hood

August 11, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood – it’s all about information. Reinterpretation of the well-known fairytale by Swedish art director and motion graphics artist Tomas Nilsson.

Click video for better quality/more details.

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Lego felt tip 110

June 4, 2010

Lego felt tip 110 is a printer made of Lego by Adam from the UK. It is connected to an Apple Mac.

Pixels by Patrick Jean

May 26, 2010

“Pixels” by Patrick Jean. 8 bit icons from the 80’s are attacking New York.

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UK Pavillon by Heatherwick studio & video

April 16, 2010

Visual masterpiece: UK Pavillon at Shanghai Expo 2010 by Heatherwick studio (Thomas Heatherwick).

The surface cotains 60’000 fibre-optic rods.

Don’t miss to watch the video:

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Mixtape iPhone case & short movie

April 12, 2010

For those out there that are not too young to remember mixtapes! Mixtape iPhone/iPod touch case by Coolbeans717.

Talking about mixtapes: short short movie “Mixtape” by Luke Snellin: