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Computer issues

August 30, 2010

Due to heavy computer issues Moberg Fung won’t be able to publish for the following days.

City Boy portable grill

August 27, 2010

Finnish designer Klaus Aalto from design group Fiasko (see this week’s post Take Out) created a portable picnic grill called City Boy.


August 26, 2010

Minkee is a freelance illustrator and printmaker from Scarborough, England. She offers various forms of prints at her online shop.

Chronotronix V400 Nixie Clock

August 25, 2010

The Chronotronix V400 Nixie Clock is a table clock that is modern and vintage at the same time. It is made of nixie tubes and massive cherry wood. Available at Nixieclock Net.

(via betterlivingthroughdesign)

Take Out

August 24, 2010

Take Out” by Finnish designer Klaus Aalto from design group Fiasko is a piece of storage furniture, which resembles a traditional chest of drawers with the exception that the drawers have been replaced by portable briefcases.

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Casa Devoto

August 23, 2010

Casa Devoto by Argentinian Andres Remy Arquitectos is a residence with a quite amazing elevated pool.

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Digital Orca

August 20, 2010

Digital Orca – sculpture at the Vancouver Convention Centre by Canadian writer and artist Douglas Coupland.

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Monsterdrawings by John Kenn

August 19, 2010

“Monsterdrawings” on Post-it notes by Danish John Kenn (Don Kenn Gallery). “A little window into a different world, made on office supplies.”

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Explosions by Sarah Pickering

August 18, 2010

“Explosions” by London based photographer Sarah Pickering.

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Tomas Kral Design

August 17, 2010

Objects by Lausanne (Switzerland) based Slovak designer Tomas Kral.

Clown Nose – ceramic container with a cork cover:

(via designmilk)


Big Race! – porcelain bowls :


Shift – portable radio: